Proceedings are now published:
TAUP 2015: Proceedings of the XIV International Conference on Topics in Astroparticle and Underground Physics
Editors: N. Fornengo, M. Regis, H.-S. Zechlin
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 718 (2016)
Proceedings of the TAUP2015 conference will be published online in the open access Journal of Physics: Conference Series, which is edited by Institute of Physics Publishing (IoP). All contribution will be peer-reviewed by the Proceedings Editorial Board (N. Fornengo, M. Regis, H. Zechlin), who can be further assisted by external referees appointed by the Organizing Committee.
The number of pages for the Proceedings contributions are:

Plenary talks: 8 pages
Parallel sessions talks: 5 pages
Posters: 5 pages
Guidelines on Proceedings preparation
Guidelines on how to prepare the paper and templates for both LaTeX and Microsoft Word are detailed at the IOP Conference Series page here.
Please, strictly adhere to the format and guidelines of IOP.
Latex is the strongly preferred format.
Please, carefully check style and format of your paper, including references, before submitting.
Guidelines on Proceedings submission
Send your contribution as a single zip file to the email address corresponding to your session, as detailed below (it is the same email where you submitted the PDF of your talk).
The zip file must contain:
  • The PDF of your paper (remove all password protection, if any)
  • The full LaTeX and Microsoft Word package, including figure files, used to produce the PDF.
Name the zip file as:
Email addresses where to send your contribution:
Plenary session
taup2015.plenary [@]
Parallel session on Dark Matter
taup2015.darkmatter [@]
Parallel session on Neutrinos
taup2015.neutrino [@]
Parallel session on Cosmology
taup2015.cosmology [@]
Parallel session on High Energy Astrophysics
taup2015.CR [@]
Parallel session on Gravitational Waves
taup2015.GW [@]
Parallel session on Outreach and Education
taup2015.outreach [@]
Deadline for Proceedings submission: January 15, 2016