Parallel Sessions – Schedule

A printable version of the program can be found here.
MON Dark Matter A Dark Matter B
WIMP Direct Detection Results DM Theory and Phenomenology
14:30 Status of the Xenon Project (pdf)
Marco Garbini — Bologna University
14:30 Isospin violating dark matter in Stuckelberg portal scenarios (pdf)
Miguel Peiro — FT-UAM/CSIC, Madrid
14:50 Dark Matter Search Results from PICO-60 and PICO-2L (pdf)
Russell Neilson — Drexel University
14:50 Effective theories for dark matter-nucleon interactions (pdf)
Riccardo Catena — Institute for theoretical physics, University of Gottingen
15:10 Updated analysis of the 2013 LUX dataset (pdf)
Alastair Currie — Imperial College
15:10 Global scans of combined EFT operators (pdf)
Sebastian Liem — GRAPPA Institute, University of Amsterdam
15:30 EDELWEISS-III experiment: status and first low WIMP mass results (pdf)
Silvia Scorza — Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
15:30 Super-weakly interacting dark matter (pdf)
Oleg Ruchayskiy — EPFL, Lausanne
15:50 The DarkSide program at LNGS: update and outlook (pdf)
Stefano Davini — Gran Sasso Science Institute
15:50 Kinetic decoupling of WIMPs: analytic expressions (pdf)
Luca Visinelli — University of Bologna
16:10 New Results on Low Mass WIMPs from the CRESST-II Experiment (pdf)
Federica Petricca — MPI fur Physik Munchen
16:10 Predictions of N-body simulations for direct dark matter detection (pdf)
Nassim Bozorgnia — GRAPPA Institute, University of Amsterdam
WIMP Direct Detection: Directionality and Other Techniques DM Indirect Searches
17:00 Directional Dark Matter Detection with the DMTPC experiment (pdf)
Michael Leyton — Royal Holloway, University of London
17:00 Radiative neutrino mass generation from WIMP dark matter (pdf)
Roberto Lineros — Instituto de Fisica Corpuscular – U.Valencia/CSIC
17:20 TREX-DM, a low background Micromegas-based TPC for low mass WIMP detection (pdf)
Francisco Javier Gracia Garza — Universidad de Zaragoza
17:20 (In) direct detection of boosted dark matter (pdf)
Lina Necib — MIT, USA
17:35 NEWS (pdf)
Natalia Di Marco — LNGS
17:40 Impact of Dark Matter Direct and Indirect Detection on simplified Dark Matter Models (pdf)
Giorgio Arcadi — LPT Orsay
17:50 The ADAMO Project and Developments (pdf)
Vincenzo Caracciolo — LNGS
18:00 Isotropic diffuse gamma ray background: emission from extragalactic sources VS dark matter annihilating particles (pdf)
Mattia Di Mauro — Torino University
18:05 Sensitivity of Alkali Halide Cryogenic Scintillation-Phonon Detectors to WIMP Signals (pdf)
Michael Clark — Queen’s University
18:20 Dissecting the Diffuse Gamma-Ray Background (pdf)
Mattia Fornasa — GRAPPA Institute (University of Amsterdam)
18:20 Status of the DAMIC experiment at SNOLAB (pdf)
Paolo Privitera — University of Chicago
18:40 Dark matter annihilation factors in the Milky Way’s dwarf spheroidal galaxies (pdf)
Vincent Bonnivard — LPSC/IN2P3, Grenoble
18:40 Status and prospects of CDEX (pdf)
Qian Yue — Tsinghua University
19:00 In-situ Surface Contamination Removal and Cool-down Process of the DEAP-3600 Experiment (pdf)
Pietro Giampa — Queen’s University
TUE Dark Matter A Dark Matter B
WIMP Direct Detection Results DM Theory and Phenomenology
14:30 The PandaX Experiment and the Results from the Full Exposure of PandaX-I (pdf)
Jianglai Liu — Shanghai Jiao Tong University
14:30 The dark matter distribution of the Milky Way (pdf)
Fabio Iocco — ICTP-SAIFR and IFT-UNESP
14:50 The CDMSlite Experiment (pdf)
Mark Pepin — University of Minnesota
14:50 Mapping dark matter in the Milky Way (pdf)
Miguel Pato — The Oskar Klein Centre, Stockholm University
15:10 Direct Dark Matter Search with XMASS (pdf)
Kazuyoshi Kobayashi — ICRR, University of Tokyo
15:10 A novel approach to derive halo-independent limits on dark matter properties (pdf)
Sebastian Wild — Technical University Munich
15:30 MOSCAB (pdf)
Antonino Pullia — University of Milano Bicocca
15:30 Towards predictive structure formation simulations with baryons (pdf)
Justin Read — University of Surrey
15:50 Using XENON100 Data to Probe Electronic Recoils as an Explanation of the DAMA/LIBRA Anomaly (pdf)
Luke Goetzke — Columbia University
15:50 Halo-independent tests of dark matter direct detection signals: local DM density, LHC, and thermal freeze-out (pdf)
Stefan Vogl — Stockholm University
16:10 Early studies of detector optical calibrations for DEAP-3600 (pdf)
Berta Beltran — Univeristy of Alberta
16:10 Dark Matter Annihilation in and around the First Galaxy Halos (pdf)
Sara Schon — University of Melbourne
WIMP Direct Detection DM Indirect Searches
17:00 Multi-Pixel Photon Counter (MPPC) for Detection of Scintillation Spectra of Liquid Argon and Xenon (pdf)
Ardavan Ghassemi — Hamamatsu Photonics USA
17:00 Signatures of a two million year old supernova in the spectra of cosmic ray protons, antiprotons and positrons (pdf)
Andrii Neronov — University of Geneva
17:20 Results from a maximum likelihood analysis of CDMS II data and improved cryogenic solid-state detector modeling (pdf)
Peter Redl — Stanford University
17:20 Dark matter searches in the gamma-ray extragalactic background via cross-correlations with galaxy catalogues (pdf)
Alessandro Cuoco — RWTH University of Aachen
17:40 Study of electron emission from cathodic wires in a double-phase xenon detector (pdf)
Alfredo Tomas — Imperial College London
17:40 Angular power spectrum of sterile neutrino decay lines: the role of eROSITA (pdf)
Fabio Zandanel — GRAPPA – University of Amsterdam
18:00 Lattice computation of the nucleon sigma terms at the physical point (pdf)
Christian Torrero — Centre de Physique Theorique Marseille
18:00 Novel gamma-ray spectral features from cascade processes involving scalar and fermions as intermediate states (pdf)
Sergio Lopez-Gehler — TU Munchen
18:20 New approaches in the Analysis of Dark Matter direct detection data (pdf)
Kook Hyun Yoon — Sogang University
18:20 Galactic Center excess by Higgs portal dark matter (pdf)
Osamu Seto — Hokkai-Gakuen University
WED Dark Matter A Dark Matter B
WIMP Direct Detection DM Indirect Searches
14:30 Recent analyses on the DAMA/LIBRA-phase1 data (pdf)
Riccardo Cerulli — INFN-LNGS
14:30 Indirect searches for dark matter particles at Super-Kamiokande (pdf)
Piotr Mijakowski — National Centre for Nuclear Research
14:45 Scintillation efficiency measurement of Na recoils in NaI(Tl) below the DAMA/LIBRA energy threshold (pdf)
Francis Froborg — Princeton University
14:50 PeV decaying Dark Matter at IceCube (pdf)
Marco Chianese — University of Napoli Federico II – INFN
15:00 Can muon-induced backgrounds explain the DAMA data? (pdf)
Vitaly Kudryavtsev — University of Sheffield
15:10 Recent Developments on the 3.5 keV X-ray Line in Galaxies and Galaxy Clusters (pdf)
Jeroen Franse — Leiden University
15:15 Status of KIMS-NaI experiment (pdf)
Hyun Su Lee — Ewha Womans University
15:30 The Search for Milky Way Satellite Galaxies from Optical to Gamma Rays (pdf)
Keith Bechtol — WIPAC / University of Wisconsin-Madison
15:30 Results from the DM-Ice17 Dark Matter Experiment at the South Pole (pdf)
Reina Maruyama — Yale University
15:50 Precision measurements of light anti-matter components in cosmic rays with AMS-02 (pdf)
Cecilia Pizzolotto — INFN, ASDC
15:45 Status of the Anais Dark Matter project at the Canfranc Underground Laboratory (pdf)
Maria Luisa Sarsa — University of Zaragoza
16:10 Antiprotons and positrons in AMS (pdf)
Weiwei Xu — MIT
16:00 SABRE: WIMP Modulation Detection in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere (pdf)
Francis Froborg — Princeton University
16:15 PICO-LON dark matter project by means of NaI(Tl) scintillator (pdf)
Ken-Ichi Fushimi — Tokushima University
Underground Laboratories DM Indirect Searches
17:00 Canfranc Laboratory (pdf)
Aldo Ianni — Canfranc Laboratory
17:00 Antideuterons from Decaying Gravitino Dark Matter (html)
Timur Delahaye — Oskar Klein Centre
17:20 Ultra-Low Background Measurement Capabilities at SNOLAB (pdf)
Ian Lawson — SNOLAB
17:20 Dark matter identification with cosmic-ray antideuterons (pdf)
Philip von Doetinchem — University of Hawaii at Manoa
17:40 The recent status and prospect of CJPL (pdf)
Jianmin Li — Tsinghua university
17:40 AMS-02 Antiprotons Reloaded (pdf)
Martin Wolfgang Winkler — Bonn University
18:00 Complete simulation and experimental verification of muon and neutron induced backgrounds at the shallow depth GIOVE detector (pdf)
Gerd Heusser — Max-Planck-Institut fuer Kernphysik
18:00 AMS-02 antiprotons: implications for Dark Matter (pdf)
Mathieu Boudaud — LAPTh
18:20 Background measurements by using alpha and gamma detectors at the Center for Underground Physics in Korea (pdf)
Moo Hyun Lee — Center for Underground Physics, Institute for Basic Science
18:20 A quantitative study of AMS-02 electron and positron data: what can we learn about Dark Matter? (pdf)
Andrea Vittino — University of Torino and INFN Torino
18:40 Detecting Dipolar Dark Matter in Beam Dump Experiments (pdf)
Soumya Rao — University of Adelaide
18:40 Anti-nuclei production at the LHC measured with ALICE (pdf)
Stefania Bufalino — University of Torino and INFN/Torino
19:00 Searches for the Violation of Pauli Exclusion Principle at LNGS (pdf)
Hexi Shi — INFN LNF
THU Dark Matter A Dark Matter B
WIMP Direct Detection Prospects DM Indirect Searches
14:30 The LZ Dark Matter Experiment (pdf)
Dan McKinsey — University of California, LBNL
14:30 Boosted Dark Matter in IceCube and at the Galactic Center (pdf)
Jia Liu — PRISMA, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
14:50 DARWIN: Dark matter (and more) with a multi ton-scale xenon detector (pdf)
Marc Schumann — AEC University of Bern
14:50 Towards a realistic astrophysical interpretation of the Galactic center excess (pdf)
Marco Taoso — IPhT Saclay, CEA, Paris
15:10 XMASS 1.5: The Next Step in Kamioka, Japan (pdf)
Benda Xu — Kavli IPMU, UTIAS, The University of Tokyo
15:10 Search for the nature of Dark Matter at radio wavelengths (pdf)
Sergio Colafrancesco — University of Witwatersrand
15:30 The SuperCDMS Soudan High Threshold WIMP Search and the Planned SuperCDMS SNOLAB Experiment (pdf)
Robert Calkins — Southern Methodist University
15:30 Future spectroscopic survey and dark matter constraints from dwarf spheroidal galaxies (pdf)
Koji Ichikawa — Kavli-IPMU
15:50 Ultra-low Energy Calibration of LUX detector with D-D neutron and 127Xe (pdf)
Dongqing Huang — Brown University
15:50 A search for dark matter annihilation in the newly discovered dwarf galaxy Reticulum 2 (pdf)
Alex Geringer-Sameth — Carnegie Mellon University
16:10 The DarkSide-50 Outer Detectors (pdf)
Shawn Westerdale — Princeton University
16:10 A Likelihood Procedure for Dark Matter Searches of the Galactic Center with VERITAS (pdf)
Nathan Kelley-Hoskins — DESY
Axion and WIMP Phenomenology DM Indirect Searches
17:00 IAXO – The International Axion Observatory (pdf)
Michael Pivovaroff — LLNL
17:00 The Fermi GeV excess: status and perspectives (pdf)
Francesca Calore — University of Amsterdam, GRAPPA
17:20 Spin-axion interactions (pdf)
Vladimir Popov — Kazan Federal University
17:20 Latest results on searches of Dark Matter signature in Galactic and extragalactic selected targets by the MAGIC telescopes (pdf)
Paola Giammaria — University of L’Aquila and INAF-OA Rome
17:40 Proposal to detect axionic dark matter via their coherent interaction with intrinsic spin (pdf)
Giuseppe Ruoso — INFN – LNL
17:40 First Limits on Dark Matter Annihilation and Decay with the High Altitude Water Cherenkov (HAWC) Observatory (pdf)
J. Patrick Harding — Los Alamos National Laboratory
18:00 Prospects for dark matter discovery with inelastic transitions of Xenon (pdf)
Christopher McCabe — GRAPPA, University of Amsterdam
18:00 Prospects for Indirect Dark Matter Searches with the CTA (pdf)
Jennifer Gaskins — UVA
18:20 Phenomenological studies in dark matter direct detection: from the use of the escape speed estimates to tests on halo models (pdf)
Stefano Magni — Laboratoire Univers et Particules de Montpellier
18:20 Probing Minimal Dark Matter Scenarios with Cerenkov Telescopes (pdf)
Camilo Alfredo Garcia Cely — Universite Libre Bruxelles
18:40 A halo-independent lower bound on the dark matter capture rate in the Sun from a direct detection signal (pdf)
Juan Herrero Garcia — KTH
18:40 New Search for Monochromatic Neutrinos from Dark Matter Decay (pdf)
Michael Gustafson — Gottigen University
MON Neutrinos A Neutrinos B
Three Neutrino Mixing, Solar and Reactor Neutrinos Neutrinoless double-beta decay
14:30 Three-neutrino mixing: status and prospects (pdf)
Antonio Marrone — Bari University
14:30 Status of the GERDA experiment: on the way to Phase II (pdf)
Konstantin Gusev — JINR, Dubna
14:50 Low energy neutrinos in Super-Kamiokande (pdf)
Hiroyuki Sekiya — Tokyo University
14:50 EXO-200: results and plans for Run2 (pdf)
Igor Ostrovskiy — Stanford University
15:10 Recent solar neutrino results from the Borexino experiment (pdf)
Gemma Testera — INFN, Genova
15:10 Recent results from the NEMO-3 experiment and the status of SuperNEMO (pdf)
Summer Blot — Manchester University
15:30 Latest Progress from the Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Experiment (pdf)
Zhe Wang — Tsinghua University
15:30 The CUORE and CUORE-0 experiments (pdf)
Carlo Bucci — INFN, LNGS
15:50 New Results from RENO (pdf)
Hyunkwan Seo — Seoul National University
15:50 Theoretical Challenges in Double Beta Decay (pdf)
Sabin Stoica — Horia Hulubei Foundation
16:10 Double Chooz (pdf)
Thierry Lasserre — CEA, APC, TUM-IAS
16:10 A combined limit on the neutrino mass from neutrinoless double-beta decay searches in multiple isotopes (pdf)
Pawel Guzowski — Manchester University
Three Neutrino Mixing, Solar, Reactor and Geo Neutrinos Neutrinoless double-beta decay
17:00 What is Delta m2{ee}? (pdf)
Stephen Parke — Fermilab
17:00 The contribution of light Majorana neutrinos to neutrinoless double beta decay and cosmology (pdf)
Stefano Dell’Oro — INFN, LNGS
17:20 Neutrino in the Standard Model and Beyond (pdf)
Samoil Bilenky — JINR, Dubna
17:20 Search for doble beta decay of 106Cd in the TGV-2 experiment (pdf)
Nikolay Rukhadze — JINR, Dubna
17:40 High significance measurement of the terrestrial antineutrino flux with the Borexino detector (pdf)
Aldo Ianni — Canfranc Laboratory
17:40 Search for double electron capture on 124Xe with the XMASS-I detector (pdf)
Katsuki Hiraide — Tokyo University
18:00 Reactor antineutrinos background in present and future geoneutrinos detectors (pdf)
Marica Baldoncini — Ferrara University
18:00 New limits on double beta processes in 106Cd (pdf)
Vladimir Tretyak — INR, Kiev
18:20 Standard Model Fermion Masses and Mixing Angles generated in a 3HDM (pdf)
Ana Solaguren-Beascoa — TUM, Munich
18:20 Search for double beta decay of 116Cd with enriched 116CdWO4 crystal scintillators (pdf)
Fedor Danevich — INR, Kiev
18:40 Status and future prospect of 48Ca double beta decay search in CANDLES (pdf)
Takashi Iida — Osaka University
TUE Neutrinos A Neutrinos B
Mass Hierarchy and Long-Baseline Experiments Neutrinoless double-beta decay
14:30 Results from the OPERA experiment at the CNGS beam (pdf)
Natalia Di Marco — INFN, LNGS
14:30 Current Status of The Majorana Demonstrator (pdf)
Matthew Green — Oak Ridge National Laboratory
14:50 JUNO: a multi-purpose neutrino observatory (pdf)
Michael Wurm — Mainz University
14:50 Status and prospects of the SNO+ experiment (pdf)
Jose Maneira — LIP, Lisboa
15:10 RENO-50 (pdf)
Seon-Hee Seo — Seoul National University
15:10 Neutrinoless double-beta decay identification in TeO2 bolometers with kinetic inductance detectors (pdf)
Marco Vignati — INFN, Roma
15:30 Status of the Precision IceCube Next Generation Upgrade (PINGU) (pdf)
Stefan Soldner-Rembold — Manchester University
15:30 The AMoRE project: Neutrinoless double beta decay search using low temperature 40Ca100MoO4 calorimeters (pdf)
Young-Hamb Kim — Institute for Basic Science, Korea
15:50 KM3NeT – ORCA: Measuring the neutrino mass hierarchy in the Mediterranean (pdf)
Antoine Kouchner — University Paris Diderot – APC
15:50 ZICOS – New project for neutrinoless double beta decay experiment using zirconium complex in organic liquid scintillator (pdf)
Yoshiyuki Fukuda — Miyagi University
16:10 Results from the MINOS+ Experiment (pdf)
Anna Holin — University College London
16:10 Scintillating bolometers for the LUCIFER project (pdf)
Luca Pattavina — INFN, LNGS
Mass Hierarchy and Long-Baseline Experiments Neutrinoless double-beta decay
17:00 The NOvA Experiment (pdf)
Brian Rebel — Fermilab
17:00 The NEXT double beta decay experiment (pdf)
Andrew Laing — IFIC, Valencia
17:20 An Experimental Program in Neutrinos, Nucleon Decay and Astroparticle Physics Enabled by the Fermilab Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility (pdf)
Mary Bishai — Brookhaven National Laboratory
17:20 R and D Towards a Next Generation Germanium Double Beta Decay Experiment (pdf)
Keith Rielage — Los Alamos National Laboratory
17:40 Status and Neutrino Oscillation Physics Potential of the Hyper-Kamiokande Project in Japan (pdf)
GianFranca De Rosa — Napoli University
17:40 nEXO: the next generation Xe-136 neutrinoless double beta decay search (pdf)
Igor Ostrovskiy — University of South Dakota
18:00 Using Fast Photosensors in the Next Generation Neutrino Detectors (pdf)
Mayly Sanchez — Iowa State University
18:00 Development of an underground low background instrument for high sensitivity measurements (pdf)
Elena Sala — Institute for Basic Science, Korea
18:20 LBNO-DEMO (WA105): a large demonstrator of the Liquid Argon double phase TPC (pdf)
Alessandra Tonazzo — APC, Paris
18:20 On concentration of 42Ar in liquid argon (pdf)
Alexander Barabash — ITEP, Moscow
18:40 Central Dector of JUNO and its prototyping (pdf)
Zhimin Wang — IHEP, Beijing
WED Neutrinos A Neutrinos B
Atmospheric Neutrinos and New Physics Underground Laboratories and Supernova Neutrinos
14:30 Recent results from SK and future prospects (pdf)
Yoshinari Hayato — Tokyo University
14:30 The SNOLAB Science Program (pdf)
Chris Jillings — SNOLAB
14:50 Latest results on atmospheric neutrino oscillations from IceCube/DeepCore (pdf)
Joao Pedro Athayde Marcondes de Andre — Michigan State University
14:50 Recent developments in supernova neutrino physics (pdf)
Cristina Volpe — APC, Paris
15:10 Status and perspectives of neutrino magnetic moments (pdf)
Alexander Studenikin — Moscow State University
15:10 Another look at collective neutrino oscillations (pdf)
Evgeny Akhmedov — MPIK, Heidelberg
15:30 Recent nucleon decay results from Super-Kamiokande (pdf)
Shunichi Mine — University of California, Irvine
15:30 Neutrino propagation in media: Flavor-, helicity-, and pair correlations (pdf)
Hendrik Vogel — MPI, Munich
15:50 Studies of Cosmogenic Backgrounds to Nucleon Decays in MicroBooNE (pdf)
Elena Gramellini — Yale University
15:50 Neutrino emission from nearby supernova progenitors (pdf)
Takashi Yoshida — Kyoto University
16:10 PTOLEMY (pdf)
Marcello Messina — Columbia University
16:10 Diffuse GRB Neutrino Background and its Detection (pdf)
Shu Luo — Xiamen University
Neutrino Mass Neutrino Interactions
17:00 Status and commissioning of the KATRIN spectrometer and detector section (pdf)
Philipp Chung-On Ranitzsch — Muenster University
17:00 Constraints on the flavor-dependent non-standard interaction in propagation from atmospheric neutrinos (pdf)
Osamu Yasuda — Tokyo Metropolitan University
17:20 The Electron Capture in Ho-163 experiment (pdf)
Loredana Gastaldo — Heidelberg University
17:20 COHERENT neutrino-nucleus scattering at the SNS (pdf)
Matthew Green — Duke University
17:40 Background Analysis and Reduction for the ECHo Experiment (pdf)
Stephan Scholl — Eberhard-Karl-University
17:40 Neutrino and dark matter physics with sub-keV germanium detectors (pdf)
Hau-Bin Li — Academia Sinica, Taipei
18:00 Project 8: Using Radiofrequency Techniques to Measure the Neutrino Mass (pdf)
Noah Oblath — Massachusetts Institute of Technology
18:00 The WAGASCI experiment at J-PARC to measure the neutrino cross-section ratio between water and plastic (pdf)
Tatasuya Hayashio — Kyoto University
18:20 Recent progress of SPAN towards neutrino mass spectroscopy (pdf)
Takahiko Masuda — Okayama University
18:20 Neutrino-atom collisions (pdf)
Konstantin Kouzakov — Moscow State University
18:40 The Leptonic Dirac CP Violation Phase from Sum Rules (pdf)
Arsenii Titov — SISSA
18:40 Atomic ionization by neutrinos at low energies (pdf)
Cheng-Pang Liu — National Dong Hwa University
19:00 Underground Physics with DUNE (pdf)
Vitaly Kudryavtsev — Sheffield University
THU Neutrinos A Neutrinos B
Sterile Neutrinos High-Energy Astrophysical Neutrinos
14:30 Search for sterile neutrino mixing in the numu to nutau appearance channel with the OPERA detector (pdf)
Antonia Di Crescenzo — INFN, Napoli
14:30 Probing cosmic-ray origin with cosmogenic neutrino search in 6 year of IceCube data (pdf)
Aya Ishihara — Chiba University
14:50 Sterile Neutrino Search in IceCube Neutrino Observatory (pdf)
Jordi Salvado — University of Wisconsin Madison
14:50 Characterization of the Astrophysical Neutrino Flux at the IceCube Neutrino Observatory (pdf)
Lars Mohrmann — DESY
15:10 The Status of the MicroBooNE Experiment (pdf)
Matt Toups — MIT
15:10 What is the Flavor of the Cosmic Neutrinos Seen by IceCube? (pdf)
Giulia Pagliaroli — INFN, LNGS
15:30 SOX: Short Distance Neutrino Oscillations with Borexino (pdf)
Matthieu Vivier — CEA, Saclay
15:30 Recent results with ANTARES, the first undersea neutrino telescope in the Mediterranean Sea (pdf)
Annarita Margiotta — Bologna University
15:50 ICARUS status and next future (pdf)
Filippo Varanini — INFN, Padova
15:50 High energy neutrino detection with KM3NeT (pdf)
Pasquale Migliozzi — INFN, Napoli
16:10 Scanning the Earth’s core with solar neutrinos at future very large neutrino detectors (pdf)
Ara Ioannisian — Yerevan Physics Institute
16:10 Measurement of light scattering in deep sea (pdf)
Konstantia Balasi — NCSR, Demokritos
Sterile Neutrinos Astrophysical and Atmospheric Neutrinos
17:00 Precision Studies of Reactor Antineutrinos with PROSPECT (pdf)
Karsten Heeger — Yale University
17:00 Common Solution of three cosmic puzzles (pdf)
Arnon Dar — Technion, Israel
17:20 Direct detection of the relic neutrinos (pdf)
Yufeng Li — IHEP, Beijing
17:20 Prompt neutrino fluxes from atmospheric charm revisited (pdf)
Maria Vittoria Garzelli — Hamburg University
17:40 Impact of sterile neutrinos in lepton flavour violating processes (pdf)
Valentina De Romeri — CNRS/LPC Clermont
17:40 Recent Developments of the Real-time Capabilities of IceCube (pdf)
Thomas Kintscher — DESY
18:00 SoLid: Search for Oscillations with a Lithium-6 Detector at the SCK-CEN BR2 reactor (pdf)
Frederic Yermia — SUBATECH, Nantes
18:00 Non-Standard Neutrino Interactions in IceCube (pdf)
Melanie Day — Wisconsin University
18:20 Omnibus experiment: CPT and CP violation with sterile neutrinos (pdf)
Wladyslaw H. Trzaska — Jyvaskyla University
18:20 Neutrino astrophysics with Hyper-Kamiokande (pdf)
Takatomi Yano — Kobe University
18:40 SHiP: A new facility for searching for heavy neutrinos and studying the tau neutrino properties (pdf)
Marilisa De Serio — Bari University
18:40 The leptonic sector in a flavour model with S(3) symmetry (pdf)
Felix Gonzalez-Canales — Valencia University
MON High Energy
17:00 The MAGIC Telescope System: Status and Scientific Higlights (pdf)
David Paneque — MPI Munich
17:20 Highlights of recent results from the VERITAS gamma-ray observatory (pdf)
Lucy Fortson — Univ. of Minnesota
17:40 The High Altitude Water Cherenkov Observatory (pdf)
Miguel Mostafa — Penn State Univ.
18:00 Gamma ray astronomy with LHAASO (pdf)
Silvia Vernetto — OATO-INAF
18:20 Deeply X-Raying the High-Energy Sky (pdf)
Eugenio Bottacini — Stanford University
TUE High Energy
14:30 Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays Propagation and Cosmogenic Neutrinos (pdf)
Roberto Aloisio — INFN – GSSI
14:50 Axion-Like particles from extragalactic High Energy sources (pdf)
Daniele Montanino — Universita` del Salento
15:10 The Upgrade of the Pierre Auger Observatory (pdf)
Xavier Bertou — CNEA/CONICET
15:30 Study of muon bundles from extensive air showers with ALICE detector (pdf)
Katherin Shtejer Diaz — Universita` degli Studi di Torino
15:50 Measuring Low Energy Muons with IceTop (pdf)
Javier Gonzalez — University of Delaware
17:00 Cosmic Ray Electron Spectrum with the Fermi LAT (pdf)
Raffaella Bonino — Universita` di Torino
17:20 Results and perspectives of research of cosmic rays from space with PAMELA detector (pdf)
Marco Casolino — INFN Roma2
17:40 Precision measurements of CR energy spectra and composition with the AMS-02 experiment (pdf)
Emanuele Fiandrini — Universita` and INFN Perugia
18:00 Theoretical uncertainties in extracting cosmic-ray diffusion parameters: the boron-to-carbon ratio (pdf)
Yoann Genolini — LAPTh Annecy
18:20 CALET on the ISS: a high energy astroparticle physics experiment (pdf)
Pier Simone Marrocchesi — Universita` di Siena and INFN Pisa
18:40 Gamma-ray and neutrino diffuse emissions of the Galaxy above the TeV (pdf)
Dario Grasso — INFN Pisa
WED High Energy
14:30 Correlation between the UHECRs measured by the Pierre Auger Observatory and Telescope Array and neutrino candidate events from IceCube (pdf)
Asen Christov — Universite de Geneve
14:50 UHECR Hot Spot connection to sources (pdf)
Daniele Fargion — Universita` and INFN Roma1
15:10 Measurement of the mass composition of ultra-high energy cosmic rays with the Pierre Auger Observatory (pdf)
Mariangela Settimo — LPNHE IN2P3-CNRS
15:30 Recent results from the Telescope Array (pdf)
Yosiki Tsunesada — Tokio Institute of Technology
15:50 Muon multiplicities measured using an underground cosmic-ray array (pdf)
Pasi Kuusiniemi — University of Oulu
16:10 Study of the penetrating component of cosmic rays underground using large liquid scintillation detectors (pdf)
Olga Ryazhskaya — Institute for Nuclear Research of RAS
17:00 Searching for high-energy and very-high-energy emission from novae with Fermi-LAT and MAGIC (pdf)
Rachele Desiante — INFN Torino
17:20 Cosmic-ray leptons from multi-wavelength observations of the Galactic diffuse emission (pdf)
Elena Orlando — Stanford University
17:40 Charge-sign dependent solar modulation for everyone (pdf)
Rolf Kappl — BCTP Bonn
18:00 High energy neutrinos from gamma-ray burst fireballs (pdf)
Irene Tamborra — GRAPPA Institute Amsterdam
THU High Energy A High Energy B
14:30 New approach to cosmic ray investigations above the knee (pdf)
Anatoly Petrukhin — MEPhi University Moskow
14:30 Science with the ASTRI mini-array for the Cherenkov Telescope Array: blazars and fundamental physics (pdf)
Giacomo Bonnoli — INAF Brera
14:50 Atmospheric neutrinos and the knee of the primary cosmic-ray spectrum (pdf)
Thomas Gaisser — Bartol Research Institute
14:50 Teraelectronvolts pulsed emission from the Crab pulsar detected by MAGIC (pdf)
Daniel Galindo Fernandez — Universitat de Barcelona
15:10 The Scientific Legacy of ARGO-YBJ (pdf)
Giuseppe Di Sciascio — INFN Roma2
15:10 AGN observations with a 100 GeV threshold using H.E.S.S. II (pdf)
Carlo Romoli — Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies
15:30 Cosmic Ray Spectrum and Composition from Three Years of IceTop and IceCube (pdf)
Katherine Rawlins — University of Alaska
15:30 The TAIGA experiment: from cosmic ray to gamma-ray astronomy in Tunka valley. (pdf)
Nikolay Budnev — Irkutsk State University
15:50 The Results and Perspectives of Cosmic Rays Mass Composition Study with EAS arrays in the Tunka Valley (pdf)
Vasily Prosin — Institute of Nuclear Physics MSU
15:50 Very high energy gamma-ray emission of Perseus Cluster and NGC 1275 (pdf)
Vera Georgievna Sinitsyna — Lebedev Physical Institute
16:10 The cosmic ray spectrum and composition measured by KASCADE-Grande between 10 to 16 eV and 10 to 18 eV (pdf)
Mario Bertaina — University of Torino
16:10 A theoretical model to explain TeV gamma-ray and X-ray correlation in Blazars (pdf)
Nissim Fraija — Institute de Astronomia UNAM
17:00 Cherenkov Telescope Array – A Sensitive Probe of the Extreme Universe (pdf)
Elina Lindfors — Tuorla Observatory, University of Turku
17:00 Exotic events in astroparticle interactions at superhigh energies (pdf)
Alexander Borisov — Lebedev Physics Institute Moskow
17:20 The mini-array of ASTRI SST-2M telescopes, precursors for the Cherenkov Telescope Array (pdf)
Giovanni Pareschi — Osservatorio Astronomico Brera INAF
17:20 Investigation of the Galactic Magnetic Field using Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays (pdf)
Martin Urban — RWTH Aachen University
17:40 Latest MAGIC discoveries pushing redshift boundaries in VHE AstroPhysics (pdf)
Marina Manganaro — IAC Instituto de Astrof√¨sica de Canarias
17:40 Hadronic matter phases and the application to rapidly rotating neutron stars (pdf)
Tomoki Endo — National Institute of Technology Kagawa College
18:00 On the potential of atmospheric cherenkov telescope arrays for resolving TeV gamma-ray sources in the Galactic Plane (pdf)
Lucia Ambrogi — INFN-GSSI
18:00 The JEM-EUSO Program (pdf)
Marco Ricci — INFN LNF
18:20 Status of HiGRO project at Hanle In the Himalayas (pdf)
B. S. Acharya — Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
18:20 Measurement of cosmic rays with LOFAR (pdf)
Laura Rossetto — Radboud University Nijmegen
18:40 Where and how gamma-rays are produced in AGN jets (pdf)
Bindu Rani — Max-Planck-Institut fuer Radioastronomie, Bonn
18:40 The Auger Engineering Radio Array and multihybrid cosmic ray detection at the Pierre Auger Observatory (pdf)
Ewa Marlen Holt — Karlsruher Institute of Technology
MON Cosmology
Dark matter and structure formation
14:30 DM simulations and large scale structure (pdf)
Raul Angulo — CEFCA Teruel
14:53 Massive neutrinos and the large scale structure of the Universe (pdf)
Emanuele Castorina — SISSA Trieste
15:16 The search for Milky Way satellite galaxies from optical to gamma rays (pdf)
Keith Bechtol — WIPAC-Univ. Wisconsin
15:39 Searching for Fermi gamma-ray diffuse extragalactic signal via cross-correlations with LSS catalogs (pdf)
Jun-Qing Xia — IHEP Beijing
15:57 Detecting particle dark matter signatures by cross-correlating gamma-ray anisotropies with weak lensing (pdf)
Stefano Camera — Manchester Univ.
16:15 The Gaia mission: The dawn of Astrometric Cosmology? Status and prospects after 14 months of science operations (pdf)
Spagna A. / Crosta M.T. — INAF Torino
Cosmic Microwave Background
17:00 Fundamental physics with Planck (pdf)
Silvia Galli — KICP-Univ. Chicago
17:23 Planck constraints on neutrino physics (pdf)
Massimiliano Lattanzi — INFN-Univ. Ferrara
17:46 Cosmology from CMB Polarization with POLARBEAR and the Simons Array (pdf)
Darcy Barron — UC Berkeley
18:04 Latest results of the POLARBEAR experiment (pdf)
Giulio Fabbian — SISSA Trieste
18:22 The effect of non-relativistic neutrino oscillations in cosmology (pdf)
Daniel Boriero — Bielefeld Univ.
18:40 Dark Radiation and Inflationary Freedom (pdf)
Stefano Gariazzo — INFN-Univ. Torino
TUE Cosmology
Beyond the standard paradigm
17:00 Modified gravity and dark matter (pdf)
Jose Cembranos — Univ. Complutense Madrid
17:23 Cosmological models with QGP: DM, DE and scalar perturbations (pdf)
Maksym Eingorn — North Carolina Central U.
17:41 Secret neutrino interactions (pdf)
Maria Archidiacono — Aarhus Univ.
17:59 Boltzmann Hierarchy for Interacting Neutrinos (pdf)
Isabel Mira Oldengott — Bielefeld Univ.
18:17 Using the dynamics of face-on galaxies to test modified gravity (pdf)
Garry Angus — Vrije Univ. Brussels
18:35 A holographic reconstruction scheme for scalar-field dark-energy models in Brans-Dicke cosmology
Surajit Chattopadhyay — Pailan Coll. Mgt. Tech. Kolkata
TUE Gr Waves
Multimessenger physics with GWs, neutrinos and photons
14:30 Joint search for Gravitational Wave and Low Energy Neutrino signals from Core Collapse Supernovae (pdf)
Claudio Casentini — University of Rome Tor Vergata and INFN
15:05 Electromagnetic follow-up of gravitational wave transient candidates (pdf)
Silvia Piranomonte — INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Roma, Monte Porzio Catone (RM), Italy
15:25 Studies on the high-energy follow-up of gravitational wave transient events (pdf)
Massimiliano Razzano — University of Pisa and INFN – Pisa
15:45 The first time-domain experiment with Swift: monitoring of seven nearby galaxies (pdf)
Paolo D`Avanzo — INAF Brera
WED Gr Waves
GWs: detectors
14:30 Present status of KAGRA cryogenic gravitational wave telescope (pdf)
Shinji Miyoki — Institute for Cosmic Ray Research, The University of Tokyo
14:50 Future underground gravitational wave observatories (pdf)
Michele Punturo — INFN
15:10 Beyond Advanced LIGO (pdf)
Stefan Hild — University of Glasgow
15:30 Modelling gravity fluctuations underground above 10mHz (pdf)
Jan Harms — University of Urbino, INFN Florence
15:50 Adaptive optical systems for next generation interferometric detectors (pdf)
Alessio Rocchi — INFN
16:10 Virgo Phase Cameras (pdf)
Laura van der Schaaf — NIKHEF
GWs and Gravity
17:00 Gravitational waves from coalescing compact objects: interfacing analytical and numerical techniques (pdf)
Alessandro Nagar — IHES
17:20 Modeling Gravitational Waves from Neutron Stars Mergers (pdf)
Sebastiano Bernuzzi — Caltech/Parma University
17:40 Gravitational-wave detection by dispersion force modulation in nanoscale parametric amplifiers (pdf)
Fabrizio Pinto — Laboratory for Quantum Vacuum Applications, Jazan University
18:00 Newtonites in resonant bar detectors of gravitational wave (pdf)
Francesco Ronga — INFN LNF
18:20 Probing gravity at extreme scales (pdf)
Giorgio Gratta — Stanford University
18:40 Light as a probe of the structure of space-time (pdf)
Angelo Tartaglia — Politecnico di Torino
MON Outreach
Outreach and Education (Conveners: M. Cirilli, A. Ferrari)
14:30 Giving shape to a Phantom – The making of a planetarium show on Dark Matter (pdf)
Joao Pequenao — CERN
14:50 Dr. Scientist and Mr. Journalist (pdf)
Massimiliano Razzano — University of Pisa
15:10 EEE – Extreme Energy Events: an astroparticle experiment in italian high schools (pdf)
Laura Perasso — INFN Genova and Centro Fermi – Roma
15:30 Public Engagement and Outreach: the case of Agora’ Scienza (pdf)
Andrea De Bortoli — Agora’ Scienza
15:50 ASI outreach activities (pdf)
Maria Rosaria D`Antonio — Italian Space Agency
16:10 Pills of science comunication at (pdf)
Marco Brusa —, Planetarium of Turin, Museum of Astronomy and Space